Can a Chinese Citizen visit Taiwan with US Green Card?

Hi, my friend has an US Green Card and she still holds the People’s Republic of China’s passport. I was wondering is it still possible to get a visa to enter Taiwan easily?



  1. the_only_solorose
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    if it is just for a visit a visa should not be required. visas are only for those who wish to work in a foreign country. her passport should suffice.

  2. Bill
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    The Green Card is for use only in the United States. It is not a substitue for a Visa in other coutnries. Taiwan would not accept it for anything.
    They would not evey know what it was.

    You would have to visit the Taiwan Govt web site and find out about visitors from the main land.

  3. Roman
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    No, green card is only good for the US. But if you are a Chinese citizen you should not have many problems entering anyway.

  4. Ajeet M
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    Chinese Citizens living in a third country can visit the ROC.
    All PRC PASSPORT HOLDERS need to call (415) 362-7680 X133 For an appointment. Personal Appearance is mandatory and Visas are issued on case by case basis. .
    If you are in another area of the US, call the nearest Taiwan Agency for details.

  5. Pagan Dan
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    The USA green card is an internal American document, giving the holder the right to live in the US. It has no relevance outside the country whatsoever. Your friend will need to do whatever any other PRC national has to do to visit Taiwan.

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