Does one become a US citizen after 3 years of receiving conditional green card OR perm. green card?

I have been married to my hubby for almost 2 years. I will be applying to remove the condition on my conditional green card soon. Once the condition is removed, how long does it take to become a citizen?



  1. CPG
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    You become eligible to file for naturalization three years after you become a permanent resident. A conditional green card, still means you are a permanent resident. So from what you have said you will need to wait another year before you are eligible.

    Just remember that you do not get automatic citizenship after those three years, becoming eligible and filing Form N-400 is just the first step. Once filed, it can take up to 18 months for the process to be completed, i.e. the final step of actually attend the oath ceremony and receiving your certificate of naturalization.

  2. Morbius
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    You have to apply to be a citizen, form N-400. You are eligible on the third anniversary of when you first received your conditional green card.

  3. Sandy
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    Hi, you are the same case as mine. If you are living and married to the same husband, and he is an US citizen last 3 yrs; you can apply for the naturalization (become US citizen) after getting your US greencard (or conditional greencard) 3 yrs. If ur husband is not US citizen, you have to wait 5 yrs.

    The counting year is starting from the 1st day of your conditional greencard issued date). Hope u get the citizenship soon!

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