How do illegal people get a green card.?

How do illegal immigrants that aren’t sponsored or get married to a us person and don’t go there by work or other ways to get a green card.
How people able to get a green card through just entering the country illegally and staying there for a long time.



  1. pianojangee
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    They can’t. They just live illegally.

  2. PadmaBee
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    Usually they have to go home and re-enter the US legally in order to be eligible. No simple adjustment from criminal to legitimate status.

  3. Uncle
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    they dont ..they stay as an illegal …some even believe that if they marry a US citizen
    they become legal which of course is a myth …but they are not the brightest of people …

  4. Michael
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    Not possiblr

  5. zonryzita
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    Right now, the only way to get a Green Card without having to leave the USA and go back to your country is if you are a victim of Domestic Violence and you qualify for a U-Visa. It sounds like a great and easy way (on paper) for any illegal woman to just accuse or set-up an incident where her husband/boyfriend beats her. But trust me, it’s very complicated and in order to qualify, the victim must be at the mercy of Law Enforcement Officers and cooperate every step of the way. This means: Denouncing the aggresor to the authorities, going to all the court hearings, cooperating with restraining order requirements and agreeing to NOT have contact with the idiot. The Prosecutor in the case (the District Attorney) or the sentencing Judge also MUST agree to sign a “Certification”, thus enabling Immigration to go forth with the U-Visa approval. If the DA or the Judge doesn’t want to cooperate and doesn’t wish to put their signature on the certification, then the U-Visa will not be approved. So……yeah, it’s a big long process. Many women have benefitted from it, some have not, some back down because they’re stupid and they’d rather accept the stupid turd back in the home instead of taking advantage of this opportunity that the US Government has in place right now. I have 2 friends who are U-Visa beneficiaries, and their cases were VERY LEGITIMATE (we had pictures and everything to prove it, and the husbands were deported, thank God), and it worked out fine. Not everyone gets so lucky.

    Other than that……..nope…….no other way for an illegal-entry-alien to stay in this country to get legal w/out having to go back to their country first.

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