How long must I stay married to a US citizen to get my green card?

Will I have just the green card and/or I’ll become a US citizen as well?


  1. timc_fla
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    I believe it is two years.

  2. dionysos
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    at least 3 years

  3. monicat2006
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    its not that easy, we have been married for 5 years and still nothing. you have to get a lawyer then apply for a visa then apply for a green card after so long.

  4. awsker_katzin
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    It’s like 3 years

  5. Kia
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    At least 2 years to turn it from Conditional to Permanment.

  6. peet_er
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    I’ve been told it’s 10 years, and they check on you and your spouse alot.

  7. MrGreen74
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    5 years

  8. off770
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    you can’t become a citizen that way anymore.

  9. yellowpaintedhydrants
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    It use to be seven years I believe. But now I think the current going for it is at least 18 months.

  10. tigrisow
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    either two or three years…
    better be careful about that…if you get caught in a lie, you get prison time and then deported after you’re released…

  11. dominic_426
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  12. Ryan
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    I feel bad for your husband, he should dump you now before you become a citizen.

  13. ximena
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    i really dont know.. the only thing i do s that to give you the green card they are going to seperate you to in differents rooms and ask you ?? about hows your marriage and hows sex and whats his favorite possition and what side of the bed does he sleep in and those ??? and if you guys have the same answer then is easier and if you dont then theirs the problem. you should be very careful…and talk to him about this…

  14. Made_in_America
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    Is that the reason you got married? If so, go home.

  15. Angie
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    Well, if you are asking cause that is your ONLY way of getting a green card, THAT is illegal.

    Marriage license, green card may go together
    Marrying a U.S. citizen earns immigrants permanent residency, or as it is commonly known, a green card.
    That provision of immigration law makes marriage fraud a far too common practice, critics say.

    Immigrants found guilty of marrying for the purpose of securing a green card are subject to deportation, according to the Immigration and Nationality Act.

    “An alien shall be considered to be deportable as having procured a visa or other documentation by fraud… and to be in the United States in violation of this act,” the law says.

    A non-citizen can be deported if the marriage to a citizen ends, either by annulment or divorce, within two years “unless the alien establishes to the satisfaction of the Attorney General that such marriage was not contracted for the purpose of evading any provisions of the immigration laws,” the law says.

    There are two ways to become an American Citizen:

    1) Birth

    If you are born in the United States or born to parents who are American Citizens, you are an official citizen of the United States of America! If you were born in the US but have lived in another country, you are still a US citizen if you have not applied to become a citizen of another country. If you have ancestors that were US citizens, the citizenship is passed down the line. If your ancestors were naturalized, you are also an American citizen!

    2) Naturalization

    Naturalization is the process by which a person becomes an official citizen of a country that is not their native. To begin this process of becoming an American Citizen, one must file an application, take a naturalization test (sample questions found below), and attend a court hearing. Finally, you must take an oath of allegiance. One also must be at least 18 years of age, have lived in the United States for at least five years, be able to read, write, and speak English, have basic knowledge of the US government system, and prove to be a good and loyal person!

  16. john778321
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    You can apply for a green card as soon as you’re legally married to a US citizen. It can take anywhere from a couple months to a couple years to get approved depending on your location and the circumstances.

    Once you get your green card you’re a conditional permanent resident but not a US citizen. You have to apply two years later for non-conditional permanent residency. At any point during this process you can be revoked if you’re no longer married. You generally are not subject to revocation if you are the victim of spousal abuse.

    US citizenship is separate and you can generally apply after seven years of legal residency.

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    5 years, 3 if you’re married to a US citizen.

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    5 years,but you can apply 3 months in advance of the 5 yr. period, 3 yrs if you gained your green card through an american spouse and you are still married at the time of application.

  19. =}
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    2 years if your married to a US citizen

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    Who the hell cares not like the government would give a shit if you were illegal anyway.

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    The I-130, with which every such petition starts takes 5 months. Thereafter a priority date is assigned and the petition is put in hibernation until this priority date becomes current.

    The spouse of a Green Card holder is in the F2A family preference category. Currently the March 15, 2010 priority date became current world-wide. That means a waiting time of 2 years and 4-1/2 months.

    So together, that’s 5 months + 2 years and 5 months = 2 years and 10 months.

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    About 4 years.

    And make sure that he stays in status the entire time. He needs to go home if he is going to fall out of status, otherwise he won’t get the green card.

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    you can file for you husband it will take three year just to get his visa as you are not a citizen
    what visa is he on …he must not overstay it

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