How often do I have to renew my green card?

I have been living here in the United States for almost 10 years now and my green card is about to expire. Do I still need to renew it even though I have been here for such a long time? And what if my mom has already become a U.S. citizen? And I have heard that if I have live here for a certain amount of time that I didnt need to renew it anymore, is that true? Also, where would I be able to renew another one?



  1. hamrrfan
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    You need to renew it before the expiration date. That is why there is an expiration date. See source for details.

  2. Yak Rider
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    Yes, you need to renew it every 10 years. If you were in the US and a child at the time your mother became a US citizen then you should be a US citizen too.

  3. Docar
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    You need to renew a conditional green card before it expires in two years
    You need to renew a green card (non conditional) every 10 years or until you become a citizen or abandon your residence in the US.

  4. CyberSom
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    The green card you have has an expiration data printed on it. You should renew it in order to preserve your legal status in the United States. If you have had your green card for 5 years and you had not been upsent from the country for more than a year and for the last 5 years, you had been upsent from the country for more than 6 months then you are eligible to apply for US citizenship provided that you don’t have any criminal convictions. Check with for more info.

  5. freebird
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    You need to file for renewal 90 days before it expires.
    The only way to avoid doing this is to apply for citizenship. Since your card is close to expiry you need to renew your card before you can do this.

  6. Jorge C
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    this link is for change of addrees form you need to fill and send if you are still with a green card every time you move
    this will get to form i-90 this form is the one you need to file to renew also this link is so that you could file on line

    you may apply for your citezenship after five years before prices go up again right now is about $675

  7. McMaevie
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    You have to Renew that before the Expiration of your Green card.
    The way you wouldn’t be able to Renew if you Take a US Citizen.
    But EXPIRE soon you have to Renew that then after you have new one you have to take a US Citizenship so you wouldn’t be renew every 10 years. Even you been here for so long you still have to take US Citizenship unless you come here when your infant- to 14 yeaers old your MOM can file you a Certified certificate for you.
    Just look more info the Site.

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