If married to a US citizen, how long does it take to get a green card?

If someone from the UK married a US citizen, how long would it take for them to get a green card? Disregarding all the problems that can occur (like not filling in the forms properly, or paying all the fees, etc.), how long does it take, in general?




  1. Truthseeker
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    About one year. First you get a permanent visa stamp in your passport, then a Green Card. But working permit only takes a few weeks with which you can get a Social Security Card.

  2. jewels
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    In general, the process takes anywhere from 6 to 9 months.

  3. Holbrook
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    …it takes 3 years and a few thousand dollars…you will receive your Work Permit and Conditional Residency in about three months…all this costs close to $1500 plus…there are a lot of things to do…you will have to reapply for a Work Permit every year for the price tag of $350 a pop and you will only be able to get a Driver’s License good for one year at a time until you get your Green Card…after you are here and married for around three years you will get an interview with Immigration that you and sponsor will have to go to…then if you answer all their questions satisfactory you will get your Green Card…then you have to wait another three years for Citizenship…

  4. tigris
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    currently it seems to be pretty quick. I would think on average half a year. At least that’s how long it took for some friends a few years back and I heard that these days sometimes it goes faster. If there are complications it can go much slower too, though.

  5. Manuela
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    I’m from germany,i got here in december 2005 and stayed,i got married january 2006 and my paperwork took less the 5 month,we had the big immigration interview the end of february 06 and in may i had my greencard,and now after beeing here for almost 4 years i got my 10 year greencard,it was fast but cost a lot of money,
    now my oldest son who is 24 wants to live with us in texas,i have no idea how to get any information,how i could get him here,has anyone a answer for me
    thanks so much

  6. Belle
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    Your wife will apply for spousal visa for you. Total time is approximately 7-12 months. About 2-3 months into the process you will receive permission to work, which also entitles you to a green card, drivers license and ss#. When you get your green card it is good for 2 yrs. It is called a conditional green card (the condition is you married a US citizen) After 2 yrs you can apply to have the conditions removed. This next green card is unconditional and is good for 10 yrs. After you have had your green card a total of 2 yrs 9 months you can apply to become a US citizen.
    Also you do NOT have to reapply for a work visa each year. That information is just wrong, wrong, wrong! Your green card gives you permission to live AND work in the US. As long as you have a valid green card you are allowed to work.

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